QueerVadis Diversity&Inclusion Protocol

QV Certified Business are travel companies that have adopted our Diversity & Inclusion Protocol, joined the Aitgl’s Ethic Code, meeting the highest standards of verified diversity and inclusion performance.

Our protocol help companies to assess gaps between policy and culture in interactions with the Lgbtq+ community.

The ‘Queervadis Certification’ is a professional validation for all travel companies wanting to be acknowledged as ‘LGBTQ-friendly’, for their specific care to the LGBTQ+ target and employees.

Validated by RINA (international certification body), it states the basics for marketing, communication  and diversity management to include and not discriminate any diversity, with a specific focus on gender equality for the LGBTQ+ traveller. Here the validation certificate.

We ask companies to widespread good inclusive policies amongst their suppliers, in order to identify a virtuous supply chain. This means to be able and ready to bounce back suppliers who do not align with the Queervadis Protocol criteria for the specific segment. This is a key point to inspire both. the creation of a more inclusive workforce and also the emotional wellbeing of employees.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Protocol is validated by

The Protocol Validation Process conducted by RINA's Team

RINA auditors have conducted a severe analysis on the D&I Protocol and validated it as applicable, with respect to specific norms, national and international regulations. We acknowledge the value of protocol D&I as a tool to promote, monitor and evaluate the capacity of its addressees to create a more inclusive environment, both for guests and for workers. We do believe that protocols like this are a great contribution to the thriving and improvement of the travel industry, aligned with RINA vision in terms of sustainability.

Davide Torti -Team Leader Validation Group - Turin Management System Certification RINA

Certification Levels

The Queervadis D&I Protocol features three levels of certification in compliance with the company engagement in supporting/promoting LGBTQ+ inclusiveness.




The Aitgl Ethic Code

People operating in the travel industry (including entertainment and events), who are interested in the Protocol D&I, are asked to supply specific accountability about:

a)     expertise;

b)     entrepreneurial ethics;

c)     commitment.

In order to measure each of the above- mentioned criteria, the following indicators are in use:

a) For expertise:

  1. To demonstrate expertise in the LGBTQ+ travel market;
  2. To know the LGBTQ+ traveler’s expectations;
  3. Guarantee skilled staff with specific training in LGBTQ+ travel
  4. Customize products/services in compliance with the LGBTQ+ travelers’ expectations.

b) Entrepreneurial ethics:

  1. Do not discriminate LGBTQ+ guests and guarantee the same treatment as for straight guests and supervise the staff being respectful towards them;
  2. Respect and protect the guests’ privacy in compliance with national laws;
  3. Commitment to possibly enroll LGBTQ+ staff;
  4. Do not promote destinations harassing the LGBTQ+ community.

c) Commitment:

  1. Adopt ethic, social communication and marketing strategies;
  2. Openly support the LGBTQ+ community;
  3. Extend to LGBTQ+ staff and their families the same welfare treatment in use for straight staff.