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Sustainability, inclusion, communities…” these words are more and more embedded in our language. And when language comes to hospitality, those words become milestones and references for an innovative travel industry.

Inclusion has become a major goal to pursue: in a fluid, ever-changing society with billions of people in the world moving and traveling, the capacity of meeting everyone’s needs and expectations by supplying the appropriate welcome is now mandatory and we cannot no longer procrastinate.

Value for the Travel Business


QueerVadis Certified Business are travel companies that have adopted our QV Diversity & Inclusion Protocol, joined the Ethic Code, meeting the highest standards of verified diversity and inclusion performance. The ‘Queervadis Certification’ is a professional validation for all travel companies wanting to be acknowledged as ‘LGBTQ-welcoming’, for their specific care to the LGBTQ+ target and employees.

Validated by RINA (international certification body), the QV Diversity & Inclusion Protocol states the basics for marketing, communication and diversity management to include and not discriminate any diversity, with a specific focus on gender equality for the LGBTQ+ traveller. Here the validation certificate.

We ask companies to widespread good inclusive policies amongst their suppliers, in order to identify a virtuous supply chain. This means to be able and ready to bounce back suppliers who do not align with the Queervadis Protocol criteria for the specific segment. This is a key point to inspire both. the creation of a more inclusive workforce and also the emotional wellbeing of employees.

LGBTQ+ Welcoming Hotel Certified

As you can see in the last research of Community Marketing, the 69% of LGBTQ+ travelers tend to stay at hotel brands that they know are LGBTQ+ welcoming. It’s also important to see that the 78% consider important if an Hotel has sexual orientation non-discrimination policies, 73% if provides LGBTQ+ diversity training to staff and for the 64% if they advertises in the LGBTQ+ media.

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Let us together build an inclusive World

RINA auditors have conducted a severe analysis on the D&I Protocol and validated it as applicable, with respect to specific norms, national and international regulations. We acknowledge the value of protocol D&I as a tool to promote, monitor and evaluate the capacity of its addressees to create a more inclusive environment, both for guests and for workers. We do believe that protocols like this are a great contribution to the thriving and improvement of the travel industry, aligned with RINA vision in terms of sustainability.