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The first LGBTQ+ Index to measure gender inclusivity in tourism.

Why join the Program

Here are the main benefits included for those who join the program:

How to become a QV Certified

Assessment online

Complete the free assessment on line


Get results and responses about what you can do to improve


Take the educational training with us or with others


Congratulation! You are now a QueerVaids Accredited Organization. The first step to improve your suitability & inclusion commitment.

Create your collection of evidence

whatever you do in order to promote LGBTQ+ Inclusion – events, media coverage, social posts, networking with associations…


Create your handbook of procedures and your Manifesto


Transparent verification by third-party certification body (RINA)


Become QV Approved certified by RINA


Display your certification badge in all marketing&sales opportunities

Keep on going

Once the program is completed, put the teachings into practice.


Re-audit every year (surveillance)


Re-certificate after 3 years

Why Companies Certify

Be the protagonist of the change. Problems cannot be solved by government alone. What you do can affect positively or negatively our society. Choose to improve the social impact in your area with your business creating an inclusive workplace, communicating your choice to all your stakeholders and welcoming your LGBTQ+ customers with professionalism and respect.

LGBTQ+ consumers are considered big spender (+38% of income), trend setter and opinion leaders. For these reasons from many years companies test new products in the Lgbtq+ community before to launching it in the mainstream market. When LGBTQ+ consumers buy something, they also want to satisfy their needs for social legitimacy. For that reason they prefer to buy products and services from companies that openly address their universe. The loyalty rate towards these companies appears to be very high. 

Address to the LGBTQ+ market and support its instances means to be recognized as an inclusive company not only in front of the same community but also of that population that pays attention to a company social sustainability.

Join the QV D&I Protocol and be certified as an LGBTQ+ Welcoming Company helps to improve the brand image and reputation.

Make your company recognized by the LGBTQ+ community using our certification logo on your website and all promotional materials. 

Tell what your company is doing for LGBTQ+ employees, clients and the local community. In fact, your company will also be listed in our Directory with your contact information, social network links and a description all the activities adopted in order to create an inclusive workplace and environment.

People want to work in inclusive workplaces where diversity is considered an added value for the company. A lot of companies have adopted a diversity & inclusion policy for their employees, promoting the enhancement of diversity. Talented workers today take decisions about where to work based also on the positive climate of a company.

Enhancing and supporting diversity in your company help to improve the company climate.

Developing a correct marketing and communication approach to the travel LGBTQ+ market, thanks to the D&I Protocol best practies, means open your business to a huge market with an high income, loyalty rate and an high number of trips per year.

Every certified company receive a “marketing” tool kit that includes for example the QV digital Logo, QV label, branded desk banner, door signal for hotels, etc.

Supporting Subheading

Value for the Travel Business

Improves the Social and Economic Impact

By joining our protocol, you will become a specialist of DE&I and improve these aspects.

Improve employees life quality

A work environment more inclusive will improve employees life quality.

Improves the Corporate Reputation

Get our DE&I certification means improve your corporate reputation.

Attract New Talents

By showing you more inclusive you can attract new talents in your company.

Increase Visibility

By increasing the visibility, you can be recognized as an ally of LGBTQ+ community.

Increase Your Business

Increase your business by attracting the LGBTQ+ travelers.

QueerVadis Certified Organization

QueerVadis Approved Business are travel companies that have adopted our QV Diversity & Inclusion Protocol, joined the Ethic Code, meeting the highest standards of verified diversity and inclusion performance. The ‘Queervadis Certification’ is a professional validation for all travel companies wanting to be acknowledged as ‘LGBTQ-welcoming’, for their specific care to the LGBTQ+ target and employees.