Over recent years, more people and companies are increasing their genuine efforts toward greater openness and inclusivity, but the path to achieving diversity, equity and inclusion is sometimes unclear.

Companies may be supportive in assessing gaps between policy and culture. Nevertheless, they lose talents when culture does not align to policy or, vice-versa, when inclusive businesses need to communicate their commitment through concrete policies in place.

We are committed to contribute to the inclusion path with regards to the traveling LGBTQ+ community.

Certification Requirements & Process

The minimum requirements for private companies or institution to be QV Certified are:

  1. Do our online Assessment through a series of questions to help us learn what it takes to build a better business – better for your workers and community (you have to meet the 60 points bar requested for the certification);
  2. Implementation of an improvement plan to achive the minimum score requested (if needed); 
  3. Sign our Ethic Code (available here);
  4. Training for all the staff (governance & operation teams) to achieve or improve the quality of hospitality, with insights on the Lgbtq+ expectations when traveling, diversity & inclusion management practies;
  5. The company commitment to guarantee the best possible service quality to the Lgbtq+ community (both inside with staff and outside with guests and clients) leads to the realization/implementation of a Ethic Code and a management manual for hospitality.

The process of the certification includes:

  1. Check of the company’s social impact through the analysis of the Online Assessment did by the company (only the first year). If the company haven’t meet the 60 points bar requested can’t access to the next step;
  2. Having read the documentation certifying the compulsory training required by the protocol (every year); 
  3. AITGL Membership for a year.

The process of the certification DOESN’T include:

  1. Valuation of the respect of the D&I Protocol by audits conducted every year by RINA.

Obligation for Certified Entity

Companies applying to the ‘Queervadis’ D&I Protocol make the difference!

They are committed:

  • to sign our Ethic Code;
  • to tackle prejudice and stereotypes;
  • to advocate for inclusion;
  • to guarantee that guests and clients can feel free to travel the way they are;
  • to commit for safety and protection;
  • to help the community to find the best possible accommodation and experience in your destination.

Why Companies Certify

Annual Certification Fee

Small Companies

10% off for Startups
≤ 50 Employee
  • Silver € 1.000
  • Gold € 1.300
  • Platinum € 1.600

Medium Companies

8% off for Startups
51-100 Employee
  • Silver € 2.000
  • Gold € 2.400
  • Platinum € 2.700

Large Companies

5% off for Startups
> 100 Employee
  • Silver € 3.000
  • Gold € 3.600
  • Platinum € 3.900

Our certification fees are calculated according to the employee number. Those fees cover:

  1. Audits: costs associated with AITGL’s verification audits, including expenses related to staff time for the review process and developing the standards underpinning the certification;
  2. Brand Licensing fees: use of ‘QV’ brand on your products, services, and marketing platforms.