Certification Program

Accreditation & Certification Program

Over recent years, more people and companies are increasing their genuine efforts toward greater openness and inclusivity, but the path to achieving diversity, equity and inclusion is sometimes unclear.

Companies may be supportive in assessing gaps between policy and culture. Nevertheless, they lose talents when culture does not align to policy or, vice-versa, when inclusive businesses need to communicate their commitment through concrete policies in place.

We are committed to contribute to the inclusion path with regards to the traveling LGBTQ+ community.

QueerVadis Certified® is the first and unique international Diversity, Equity & Inclusion LGBTQ+ accreditation and certification program for the Tourism Industry. Its was developed in 2020 by company Sonders&Beach, group founded in 2002 and based both in Europe and US, with the support of the main LGBTQ+ associations.Everything is based on the guidelines of the QueerVadis DE&I protocol, validated by the international certification body RINA, which is in charge to validate the inclusive hospitality programs.


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QueerVadis Certified

Certification Levels

The Queervadis D&I Protocol features three levels of certification in compliance with the company engagement in supporting and/or promoting LGBTQ+ inclusiveness.




Certification Requirements & Process

The minimum requirements for private companies or institution to be QV Certified are:

Step 1
Online Assesment
Impact Assessment & Index Score

Do our online Assessment through a series of questions and the LGBTQ+ Index to help us learn what it takes to build a better business – better for your workers and community (you have to meet the 60 points bar requested for the certification);

Step 2

Implementation of an improvement plan to achieve the minimum score requested (if needed);

Step 3
Sign our Ethic Code
Ethic Code


People operating in the travel industry (including entertainment and events), who are interested in the Protocol D&I, are asked to supply specific accountability about:

a)     expertise;

b)     entrepreneurial ethics;

c)     commitment.


In order to measure each of the above- mentioned criteria, the following indicators are in use:


a) For expertise:

  1. To demonstrate expertise in the LGBTQ+ travel market;
  2. To know the LGBTQ+ traveler’s expectations;
  3. Guarantee skilled staff with specific training in LGBTQ+ travel
  4. Customize products/services in compliance with the LGBTQ+ travelers’ expectations.


b) Entrepreneurial ethics:

  1. Do not discriminate LGBTQ+ guests and guarantee the same treatment as for straight guests and supervise the staff being respectful towards them;
  2. Respect and protect the guests’ privacy in compliance with national laws;
  3. Commitment to possibly enroll LGBTQ+ staff;
  4. Do not promote destinations harassing the LGBTQ+ community.


c) Commitment:

  1. Adopt ethic, social communication and marketing strategies;
  2. Openly support the LGBTQ+ community;
  3. Extend to LGBTQ+ staff and their families the same welfare treatment in use for straight staff.
Step 4

Training for all the staff (governance, marketing, H&R & operation teams) to achieve or improve the quality of hospitality, with insights on the LGBTQ+ expectations when traveling, diversity & inclusion management practices;

Step 5
DE&I management manual

The company commitment to guarantee the best possible service quality to the LGBTQ+ community (both inside with staff and outside with guests and clients) leads to the realization/implementation of an Ethic Code and a management manual for hospitality.

Step 5
RINA's annual audit

RINA will validate the inclusive hospitality program and will issue the QueerVadis Certificate.

Obligation for Certified Entity

Companies applying to the ‘Queervadis’ D&I Protocol make the difference! They are committed:

Why Companies Certify

Be the protagonist of the change. Problems cannot be solved by government alone. What you do can affect positively or negatively our society. Choose to improve the social impact in your area with your business creating an inclusive workplace, communicating your choice to all your stakeholders and welcoming your LGBTQ+ customers with professionalism and respect.

LGBTQ+ consumers are considered big spender (+38% of income), trend setter and opinion leaders. For these reasons from many years companies test new products in the Lgbtq+ community before to launching it in the mainstream market. When LGBTQ+ consumers buy something, they also want to satisfy their needs for social legitimacy. For that reason they prefer to buy products and services from companies that openly address their universe. The loyalty rate towards these companies appears to be very high. 

Address to the LGBTQ+ market and support their instances means to be recognized as an inclusive company not only in front of the same community but also of that population that pays attention to the social sustainability of the companies.

Join the QV D&I Protocol and be certified as an LGBTQ+ Welcoming Company helps to improve the brand image and reputation.

Let’s be your company recognized by the LGBTQ+ community using our certification logo on your website and all promotional materials. 

Tell what your company is doing for your LGBTQ+ employee, clients and the local community. In fact, your company will be also listed in our Directory with your contact information, social network links and a description all the activities adopted in order to create an inclusive workplace and enviroment.

People wants to work at inclusive workplaces where diversity is considered an added value for the company. A lot of companies have adopted a diversity & inclusion policy for their employees, promoting the enhancement of diversity. Talent workers today makes decision about where to work based also on the positive climate of a company.

Enhancing and supporting diversity in your company help to improve the company climate.

Developing a correct marketing and communication approach to the travel LGBTQ+ market, thanks to the D&I Protocol best practies, means open your business to a huge market with an high income, loyalty rate and an high number of trips per year.

Every certified company receive a “marketing” tool kit that includes for example the QV digital Logo, QV label, branded desk banner, door signal for hotels, etc.

Comparison between Queervadis & other D&EI Certifications/Labels

Features Queervadis Others
Accreditation&Certification Program
Protocol validated by International Certification Body
Impact assessment
Mandatory training
Diversity management resources
Marketing&sales resources
D&I management handbook
Register of evidence
Media kit
Diplomas for attendees
Three available labels
Audit for certification assignment with third party, International Certification Body
Yearly surveillance audits with third party, International Certification Body
Networking for LGBTQ+ sales and marketing
Only Badge
Certification trade-mark available for commercial use
Acknowledgement by International lgbtq+ associations
API Widget LGBTQ+ Inclusivity index Score
Special discounts for marketing/sales consultancy
Usable for accessing UNI/ISO certification

Annual QueerVadis Certification Fee

Small Companies

10% off for Startups
≤ 50 employees
  • Silver € 1.000
  • Gold € 1.300
  • Platinum € 1.600

Medium Companies

8% off for Startups
50-100 employees
  • Silver € 2.000
  • Gold € 2.400
  • Platinum € 2.700

Large Companies

5% off for Startups
> 100 employees
  • Silver € 3.000
  • Gold € 3.600
  • Platinum € 3.900

Our certification fees are calculated according to the employee number. Those fees cover:

  1. Audits: including expenses related to QV staff time for the review process. Costs associated with RINA’s verification audits are not included.
  2. Brand Licensing fees: use of ‘QV’ brand on your products, services, and marketing platforms.