Frequently Asked Questions

The certification program, along with the accreditation initiative, forms a comprehensive scheme for hotels aiming to be authentically LGBTQ welcoming. The certification program is an in-depth evaluation ensuring that hotels not only verbally commit but also demonstrate in practice their dedication to serving the LGBTQ community respectfully and effectively.

In parallel, the preliminary accreditation process is a crucial stepping-stone for hotels that are either new to the LGBTQ Welcoming initiative or need preparatory assistance for the subsequent certification review. This program provides a suite of services, meticulously designed to endow hotels with the necessary competencies to cater to the unique needs of the LGBTQ community.

This includes educational and consulting services that offer tangible tools and insights to enhance the understanding of the LGBTQ-specific needs. Areas of implementation could be staff training, formulation of inclusive company policies, and enhancements in customer service practices.

Additionally, the accreditation process supports hotels in making essential modifications within their premises. These changes could range from physical provisions like gender-neutral facilities, to cultural strides like fostering an all-embracing work environment.

Upon successfully going through the accreditation process, hotels will have accrued the skills and resources necessary for a successful certification evaluation. Therefore, both the accreditation and certification programs work synergistically, providing a comprehensive pathway for hotels aiming to become genuinely LGBTQ Welcoming.

QueerVadis is a certification. It is not a simple label, granted after two or three hours of training, sometimes for free. QV validated and certified by RINA represents a complete and rigorous set of criterias to help define business and marketing policies in terms of DE&I with a specific focus on the LGBTQ+ community. In detail, it is a strategic trigger, in order to meet the growing attention to sustainability, to keep surveillance on concrete commitment and inclusive actions. It also implies advocacy and it is not a mere instrument to attract new markets. You cannot be inclusive to your guests, if you are not within your business or destination.

From the assessment to the certification, it may take from 3 to 6 months depending on many aspects: results of assessment, company size, number of people involved in training, etc

All destinations and all travel companies, starting with micro-businesses to multinationals. All destinations can easily apply, by completing the online form on this site.

We advise to start with some training about DE&I in tourism. There are training companies doing this in many countries. In Italy, we suggest Sonders&Beach Academy and Advisoring.

The main reason is that all companies need to talk to their stakeholders (from suppliers to clients) in terms of ESG and Global Goals Agenda UNO 2030. QV supports social sustainability and helps to achieve cross objectives, when looking at the SDG: gender equality, fair working place, welfare and health. It tackles harassment and prejudice, strengthen awareness of what we are and what our customers are, in order to give them all the best welcoming possible.

It depends basically on the size of your company. Please, look at our pricing.