QueerVadis Inclusion Impact Assessment

Evaluates, Measure and Manage the Social Impact of your business in the Tourism Industry.

The QueerVadis Inclusion

Impact Assessment

The Queervadis Assessment is a unique free tool to pursue three goals: measure your state of art, in terms of diversity management and inclusive marketing for the LGBTQ+ hospitality; understand where you can improve and by making it better, you become an outstanding organization which advocate for diversity and inclusion; provide useful tools to your team to market the traveling  LGBTQ+ community.

How it works


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At the end of your assessment you will receive a detailed document with your results:

  • if you get a total score >80, you can easily proceed to RINA audit.
  • if you get a total score <80, you will probably need support to proceed to RINA audit.

Why to make the assessment

To obtain the QV Approved Certification you first need to complete this Assessment to measure the social impact of your company, referred to the LGBTQ+ community, in the areas of governance, workers, customers and suppliers. 

Companies that earn a minimum score of 80 points will have access to an assessment review process during a call with one of our senior consultant.

Ready to measure your Social Impact?

Log in & Start our Assessment! Answer to the questions about the D&I Protocol standards and learn how to improve your actual score with our best practices. Do a benchmarking comparing to your competitors and plan your goals to improve continuously your social impact.