LGBTQ+ Index

With the collaboration of The Data Appeal, we created the first LGBTQ+ Index to measure gender inclusivity of tourism for destinations, hotels, and operators through the analysis of online contents, comments, and reviews.

According to our vision and mission, we work to promote and raise awareness on sustainability and inclusion in the travel industry, with a specific focus on LGBTQ+ community. In this respect, we advocate to help destinations and travel companies to understand how much they are valued LGBTQ+ friendly, according to customers’ and visitors’ opinions and understand how they can improve their score.

Our LGBTQ+ Index will allow to:

  • Analyze your gender inclusivity from your customer’s perspective.
  • Compare your results with your competitors’.
  • Improve your social impact by working on your weaknesses and make your business more inclusive towards the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Evaluate and Enhance the Italian tourist offer.

About LGBTQ+ Index

Developed with The Data Appeal, the LGBTQ+ Index is able to define LGBTQ+ inclusion of tourism for destinations, hotels, and operators, thanks to the analysis of online content, comments, and reviews. The result comes from a complex algorithm which uses artificial intelligence and specific semantic analysis ranging from 0 to 100.

So the higher the number of the LGBTQ+ Index is, the more LGBTQ+ friendly will be your business.


Why you should consider our LGBTQ+ Index?

Improves your business

Discover the real perception expressed online by customers will allow you to understand and increase the sustainability and inclusion of your business. Thanks to the analysis of your customers’ opinions, you can identify your strengths for LGBTQ+ community and those on which you still have to work. Only this way you can plan future investments to create a more inclusive perception of your organization.

Keeps getting better

The LGBTQ+ Index is updated once a month. This way you can monitor both competition and the effectiveness of the actions and investments taken to improve your inclusiveness towards the LGBTQ+ community. Keep in mind that your actions can positively affect your territory and the relationship with your stakeholders, partners, and shareholders, as well as on your company.

Easy to integrate

Thanks to widget provided by Queervadis, the LGBTQ+ Index will be easily integrated through a code snippet to copy and paste to your website or into any business intelligence platform. For this reason the LGBTQ+ Index is suitable for all travel reality, from destinations, territories, hotels, tour operators, regions and entire countries. The LGBTQ+ Index is in continuous development to ensure its completeness.

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