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Launched in 2020

“Sustainability, inclusion, communities…” these words are more and more embedded in our language. And when language comes to hospitality, those words become milestones and references for an innovative travel industry.

Inclusion has become a major goal to pursue: in a fluid, ever-changing society with billions of people in the world moving and traveling, the capacity of meeting everyone’s needs and expectations by supplying the appropriate welcome is now mandatory and we cannot no longer procrastinate.

We are committed to contribute to the inclusion path with regards to the traveling LGBTQ+ community.

The LGBTQ+ community likes traveling, a lot. Its economic impact in the world is huge.We help to create extra- value for those companies  which promote, respect, celebrate diversities and commit to guarantee a safe environment for the LGBTQ+ traveller.

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Hotel 21WOL has deeply appreciated this collaboration, which has contributed to implement the D&I protocol into our business values. Our values embed inclusion and respect for diversity, also in gender and sexual identities. In addition, the LGBTQ+ market is extremely interesting and must be targeted with a devoted training, in order to better respond to guests’ expectations. Inclusivity cannot be just a good intention, it must be supported by training, in order to supply useful tools to manage hospitality. Knowing the guests’ expectations is a must, to approach the demand of a fast growing market. Our feed back is very positive, both for the interest in this training and the tools you have supplied: the perfect mix of theoretical contents and day-by-day example is the correct approach. I want to point out that this protocol has improved the capacity to listen to the guest and, even more, to anticipate her/his desires.
Nicola Accurso

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